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Domain to IP Converter - This online tool is used to convert a domain name to its corresponding IP address. The domain name to IP address and IP address to domain name.


People change domains to IP addresses for a variety of reasons. This is a fairly basic operation, and there are numerous methods to carry it out. When a match on the domain name is obtained, the IP address is retrieved by checking the DNS (Domain Name Servers). This method is also known as DNS lookup and IP lookup.


Domain names are often confused with URLs, or universal resource locators, and Internet Protocol, or IP, addresses by new internet users. It is important to understand the distinctions between them since these phrases are used all around the world. Learning them will also assist students to appropriately utilize these terminologies. It is also essential when dealing with service providers, technicians, or other members of a professional group.

This naming scheme is similar to a physical address system. People locate online sites in the same manner that they find physical locations using maps. If the Internet is analogous to your phone book, and a web page is analogous to a real building, then the URL will be the precise street address of that building.

A domain name is a string of characters that you type into a web browser to access a certain website. When you type a URL into a web browser, such as, the domain name is As a result, we may say that a domain name is the human-readable equivalent of an IP address.


A domain name is not the same as an Internet Protocol (IP) address. The IP address is made up of a series of numerical instructions. It sends data to the computer but makes no sense to people. The domain name serves as a bridge between the IP address and the hostname. Consider IP addresses to be the real code and domain names to be a pseudonym for that code. An IP address is a series of integers. It may, for example, be That code is incomprehensible to humans. As a result, the domain name is a component of the URL that leads to the IP address.

Why Should You Convert a Domain to an IP Address?

1. You may need to convert a domain address to an IP address if-

2. You want to know whether two separate domains are hosted on the same IP address.

3. You attempt to figure out where your rivals' websites are.

4. You wish to compare hosting services for various websites.

5. You must transfer your website to a different hosting server.

6. You just want to look for your website's IP address.


To access a website, you may type its IP address into a web browser, but it's much more convenient to enter its domain name instead. Computers, servers, and other devices cannot read domain name heads or tails because they can only understand binary IDs. As a result, the DNS converts domain names into IP addresses, allowing computers to interact with one another. Every domain name is connected with at least one IP address.

When seeking methods to convert a domain name to an IP address, you will come across a plethora of options that will assist you in converting a domain to an IP address. Some of those internet solutions will advise you to utilize the 'tracer' or 'ping' commands. When you eventually get engaged in locating the IP address, you will realize how tedious it may be. This technique will just provide you with the IP address of a website and will not provide you with any other information.

But why should you manually convert a domain to an IP address when there is a far easier alternative available: free online Domain to IP converters? In addition to showing the IP address, they also notify you of the country in which the IP address is situated and the name of the web hosting service provider.

When the Domain to IP Address online conversion is completed and you begin to evaluate it, you will notice the following extra crucial information in the Domain to IP report:

1. The Domain to IP converter will initially provide you with information about the domain name.

2. It then determines the IP address.

3. It then displays the IP address of the supplied domain's location.

4. Finally, it will give you information on your ISP.

It might be difficult to determine who your domain's real service provider is. You may buy a web hosting service provider in your location or nation. Your internet service provider, on the other hand, may be a reseller for another internet web hosting service provider. So, although you may be a Singapore-based company, your website may be hosted in Australia.


You may use this tool to convert your domain to an IP address. When seeking for the IP address of a website or domain, you may use this tool to get the IP address of your chosen domain. Let's see how it goes.

Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: Enter your domain in the text input box.

Step 3: Click the Submit button to discover your domain's IP address.

That's all there is to finding any website or domain IP address.

The majority of web hosting service providers are based in the United States. And the reason for this is that they can provide low-cost hosting services while maintaining one of the highest levels of service quality in the world. Furthermore, their installations are quite huge and well-managed.


RankWatch's IP Address converter tool

You don't have to worry about any time-consuming procedures when you use RankWatch's Domain to IP Address converter tool. Using this tool, you may quickly discover your answer. This free online URL to IP address converter will process your request and provide the results in seconds.


This application allows you to quickly convert a list of domain names to a list of IP addresses. By entering a list of domain names, you may get the IP addresses for the servers that host them.

SmallSEO tools for converting domains to IP addresses

SmallSEO Tool searches for their preferred websites using domain names. They may even write them down and save them in case anything goes wrong with their machine. They will need this information in order to learn more about the domain.

Sitechecker Pro conversion

With Sitechecker pro, converting a domain to an IP address is a breeze. You will get the whole report here, which includes the website IP address as well as the server's nation, city, and area. This converter, in addition to offering complete information from URL to IP Address, is free to use. You may use this gadget an endless number of times, and they won't even charge you a dime.

Wtools offers a free converter.

You may use this online tool to convert a domain name to an IP address. This utility is also free of charge. There are various additional free tools available online that might come in helpful if you are having problems with Domain, Content, or Website Management. Furthermore, they are all quite basic and straightforward to use. For our more tools pls check: Mozrank checkerXML Sitemap GeneratorPlagiarism Checker