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Use our free Reverse IP Domain Checker Tool to find out who owns the domain name, the host server, and the IP addresses. Reverse IP Domain Checker Tool is a tool to check domain name availability. It helps you to find domain names with your desired keywords.

Reverse IP domain Checker tool may be used to discover for domains hosted at the same IP address that is common seeing that the majority use shared hosting which is very affordable (reasonably-priced because each dedicated IP deal with begins approximately $2 in keeping with month charge) due to the fact all websites proportion the same committed server with one IP deal with. Simply enter a site name or an IP address to get a listing of domain names that share the same IP cope with.
Reverse IP domain checking tool will return a list of gTLD and ccTLD domains added to the concern IP address after our earliest document replace for that IP deal with. Results may not mirror all domains brought to the situation IP deal with.
Nearly all popular engines like google (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and many others) boom a web website's rank based on the variety of hyperlinks pointing towards the net website online. In a try to falsely inflate an internet website's popularity, a character may also generate masses or maybe lots of dummy net sites containing little to no content material besides for links pointing closer to a selected domain name. One approach that search engines like google and yahoo use to stumble on this kind of miscreant conduct is to see if those inter-linking websites are hosted on the same IP deal with or IP deal with range. If the internet web sites are in the identical IP deal with variety, it is notably possibly that they're operated by way of the identical character. Search engines like google and yahoo devalue hyperlinks from internet web sites pointing to different internet sites hosted on the equal IP cope with variety. 
Conversely, engines like google cost links from web sites hosted on extraordinary IP addresses. A powerful search engine optimizer might go similarly than hosting inter-linking web websites on exceptional IP addresses. They would host the websites on different elegance C network addresses. They could make certain that everyone in their domains have been registered with distinctive registrars below exclusive names. They might now not use the identical template on multiple internet site. They would erase all lines that their sites are operated by way of the equal man or woman. They might go through all of this hassle with one goal in thoughts - to game the search engines like google and yahoo that allows you to bring in more visitors that are organic.
For most of the websites, having a committed precise IP deal with could have little to no effect on search engine ratings. Matt Cutts, the head of Google's Web spam crew, stated, "in case you are a median webmaster and just running a few websites, I would not worry about them being at the same IP cope with and that I certainly would not worry about them being at the same server. That's something that everyone does."

To keep away from any of the potential issues related with IP cope with sharing, it's far best to collect a unique IP address for your internet website. Contact your net host and inform them you would like your very own specific IP deal with. Make certain to allow them to know you would really like a sparkling IP cope with, no longer a recycled one. Internet hosts will frequently reuse IP addresses that spammers have previously blacklisted. You can want to talk with several people until you could find a technician who can understand your request. Obtaining a completely unique IP cope with to your web website online can value everywhere from $25 to $100 for a preliminary setup fee, and $2 to $25 according to month thereafter.