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Whois Checker is a free tool that helps you find out the owner of any domain name. Whois Checker is a fast and easy way to find the domain owner's email address. You can easily find out who owns a website, domain, or IP address. Fast, free, and reliable with our Whois lookup tools.


Whois is a commonly used Internet record listing that tells us who owns a domain and how to make contact with them. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) handles all the records regarding domain name registration and ownership. Whois records provide several benefits and protect the integrity of the domain name registration and website ownership procedure.

A WhoIs Checker tells us of the administrator contact information, billing contact, and the technical contact for a domain name listing or IP in the WhoIs database. A WhoIs IP search may also assist you effectively to establish the source of spam and other information linked to a website.


WHOIS is a mechanism that provides you the information about an internet resource like- a domain name, an IP address block, or an autonomous system. Its pronunciation is like “Who Is”. This protocol is also helpful to store the information in a database and send the details in a human-readable manner.

What is WHOIS Checker

The process of collecting the information of a domain, IP block, etc from the database is termed a WHOIS lookup or checker. It may be done in numerous ways. There are several free web programs like WHOIS checker. A Whois checker may also be run simply via the command-line interface.


The raw data or information of WHOIS is not generally saved in a human-readable format in the database. The WHOIS checker tools will get the data and will translate them in order so that one can grasp the facts simply. The information might contain personal data like email address, address, etc. in a WHOIS result.


The WHOIS information is categorized into 4 groups as follows

Domain Information: The domain information gives general details about the domain. It will consist of the following information - \sDomain: The domain field will offer you the domain name in which we are seeking the WHOIS data.

Registrar: This section provides the data of the registrar with whom the domain name is registered.

Registration Date: It is the date when the domain name was initially registered. With certain WHOIS Checker software, this information may be presented as “Creation Date”.

Expiration Date: This information is the date when the domain will expire. One may confront a misunderstanding with this field. If the domain has already expired, this information will be shown one year out from the day it expired. Or if the domain is locked, one may acquire the expiry date at the collection of Record dates.

Updated Date: This date denotes when the WHOIS information was last updated.


This section will notify you of the information about the registrant of a domain. This information is merely the identifying data of the individual domain name. You may discover the detailed information of the registrant like- Name, Organization, Street, City, State, Postal Code, Country, Phone, Fax, Email.


The administrative contact is the contact information Whois permitted to engage with the domain name registrar, who may address queries concerning the domain name registration and registrant. This authorization will be done by the registrant.

Technical Contact

This is the people or group, approved by the registrant, that has the obligation to handle any technical problems for the domain. They will receive all renewal and other administrative notifications for the domain.


It is incredibly hard to trace down Whois information supplied to a big number of registrars and Whois servers out there. Whois records make it easier to access Whois information in one area.

The purpose and importance of Whois records are mentioned here :

1. To manage the registration status of domain names

2. To help law enforcement personnel engaged in national and international investigations.

3. To take prompt efforts in the struggle against abusive uses of ICT, including unlawful and other activities motivated by racial discrimination, violence, hate, xenophobia, and associated intolerance,

4. To take protective actions against any type of child abuse, child pornography, pedophilia, and exploitation of and trafficking in persons.

5. To support inquiries and required procedures to preserve the trademark clearances and to aid

6. To uncover intellectual property infringement, theft, and abuse of any relevant international treaties and national laws.

7. To aid companies and other users and organizations in combating fraud and to defend the public interest

8. To sustain general user trust on the internet as an effective and dependable medium of communication

9. Track down spam or harmful material


It is crucial to keep an accurate WHOIS record. The most significant reason for having an accurate WHOIS record is that it lowers the likelihood of unlawful alteration or transfer to your domain name. It also guarantees that we have precise information through which to deliver vital information to you. Moreover, you have to keep a proper WHOIS record with the registrar to ensure your registration stays valid. If you have an invalid WHOIS record, it might result in the suspension or cancellation of your domain.


1. WHOIS checker contains your personal information and the information stays private. So, you're certainly protected from telemarketers, unwanted phone calls, junk mail, and identity theft.

2. WHOIS checker substantially minimizes the quantity of spam in your mailbox and helps ensure you get real information.

3. You'll get WHOIS checker privacy protection FREE for as long as you keep your domain active.

4. Update your settings every time you wish through WHOIS checker tools.

5. Whois checker gives you privacy protection, and doesn’t allow your domain (and your website) accessible to hackers. By restricting your particular information, these technologies make it tougher to get into your accounts.


Using our website, you may get whois info in a few simple clicks. Let's look at how to retrieve your website's whois information.

Step 1: Go to and enter your domain name.

Step 2: Enter the URL or domain name of your chosen website in the text field.

Step 3: Click the "Get WHOIS Data" button. That's all you need to know to discover the domain whois info you're looking for.

There is no method to conceal the presence of a domain registration since anybody may search Whois to determine a domain's status. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) mandates that the contact information of persons who own and administer domain names be made public through Whois directories. Mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are all examples of this.

Private registration services, often known as proxy services, may be provided by several domain registrars. It simply displays the registrar's contact information, not the registrant's. The domain registrant and contact in this private registration is the person or organization that provides the domain privacy service. It is also important to remember that, although domain privacy services are dependable, they cannot be regarded as a guarantee of real anonymity. Private information should be released by registrars within the authority of the law. For our more popular tools pls check: XML Sitemap GeneratorRobots.txt GeneratorGoogle Malware Checker